Snuggie Tails - Blue Mermaid Super Soft Wearable Blanket for Kids, As Seen on TV - DLX

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Snuggie Tails Mermaid Blanket for Kids (Blue), As Seen on TV

Bring Imagination to Life
Imagination is more important than knowledge! Imagination is the entrance to possibilities, it is where creativity, skills, capabilities and thinking outside the box begins for child development. Creative and imaginative play is how kids learn about the world, during which they express themselves, plan, react, interact, and try various roles.
Slip in and Get Warm
Won't you feel irritated when you are all wrapped around a blanket and your legs pop out and feel cold? That will not be the case with our mermaid blankets - They help keep you warm during winters or when the AC is too cold.

Provides the Comfort you Need
Slide your kid into this super soft velveteen, warm mermaid blanket and your little loved one will love the comfort while keeping cozy in all seasons. The blanket measures 54'' H x 27.95'' W with enough room to put feet all the way into the mermaid tail!

Product Features
Super soft machine washable velveteen material
Length: 54.00" Width: 27.95"
Please note that this item's packaging may indicate what is inside

Care Instructions
The blanket can be machine washed (cold water only)
Do not tumble dry
Do not bleach or iron