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Royal Sovereign Portable 4-way Counterfeit Detector

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  • Detects counterfeit bills
  • Effectively scans bills quickly
  • Easy to use
  • 20W electric operation


Royal Sovereign Portable 4-way Counterfeit Detector The Royal Sovereign RCD-2000 4-Way Counterfeit Detector protects you and your business from accepting counterfeit cash and ID's. This unit has multi-level counterfeit detection. The magnifying glass at the top will make finding micro-printing on bills easy. Check for traces of iron in currency with the included magnetic sensor. UV detection will reveal hidden security threads on bills and hidden holographic images on IDs. The fluorescent light makes for easy viewing of hard to see watermarks. 4-Way counterfeit detection provides ultimate security that allows the user a sense of protection against counterfeiters. All Royal Sovereign counterfeit detectors comes equipped with a US security chart guide. This guide will help you determine if a US bill is authentic or counterfeit by diagramming the location of the markings present on all genuinely minted US bills. Bill Detector has a lightweight, compact design for portability. High Security Protection This year, the Department of Treasury estimates there are over $70 million worth of fake bills in circulation! The RCD-2000 ensures that every note you accept is being verified by the highest levels of protection. This machine is equipped with 4 levels of protection: UV, MG, FL, and Micro-Print Detection. This high security machine provides the user with multiple detection methods to efficiently and accurately verify currency, ID’s, and more. Reject suspicious bills and reduce financial losses immediately! Multi-Use Detector Looking for an all-in-one counterfeit solution? The RCD-2000 is a multi-use detector that offers the user a solution to verifying security features on multiple documents. The strong, long-lasting Ultraviolet bulbs can easily verify currency, ID’s, passports, credit cards, and more. A simple solution for the user, as all they need to do is insert the document under the light for quick verification. The RCD-2000 is the complete solution for businesses and organizations that are in a constant fight against counterfeit bills and fake ID’s. User-Friendly Do you know where all the counterfeit features are on US currency? The RCD-2000 provides the user this information with a currency guide. There is no need to worry about training and retraining employees on how to spot these features as the currency guide shows the user exactly what they need to look for! Compact and Portable Tired of large bulky counterfeit detectors taking up space near the register? With its compact and portable design, the RCD-2000 can fit perfectly next to a register or cash handling machine. No more bulky products that take up a lot of space. Optimize space next to a register with this high-quality solution. Magnetic sensor for iron ink detection Fluorescent light for watermark verification Built-in magnifying lens for micro-print verification UV light for security thread detection. The magnetic detection system allows for easy verification of the iron ink. Simply rub a bill face down on the detection plate in a fast, back and forth motion. The RCD-2000's magnetic detection will beep and blink red if it detects this magnetic trait in the ink US security thread chart included