We Got Your Box - TIGI Cosmetics Assorted Makeup SET - 6 PCS, 15 PCS, 30 PCS

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We Got Your Box - TIGI Cosmetics Assorted Makeup SET

Assorted TIGI Cosmetics of many products to choose from. There is not a guarantee on any specific items but we can guarantee a great mix of all different kinds of cosmetics. From lipsticks to eyeliner, along with lip gloss, eye shadow, Primer, and foundations. Just take a look at the picture to see some of the items that will be in your box. Limited time offer, get it while supplies last! TIGI Cosmetics has evolved over the years, with different names or packaging, but always with the same goal in mind - to inspire the cosmetic professional and give them the tools they need to create great artistry. These cutting edge, award-winning products are designed with the makeup artist in mind. Whatever the creative vision, our professional grade cosmetics deliver the masterpiece. Ultimately, we strive to set the standard for the professional cosmetic industry.